Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Been A While...

Yeah...a lot has happened since my last post. Nothing too interesting, just my own little drama. Let's have a short recap:

-Took the MCAT. Didn't do as well as hoped. Threw away any dreams of being a Dr and then was talked back into it. It's something I'm working on

-My love life has died. My ex is a dirty whore who sleeps with married women and uses craigslist to hook up with people. What the ? Who knew he would turn out to be so much like my father. It's actually very creepy. Why couldn't I have met him a year ago when people tell me he was so different?

-I had a crush that is also unfortunately over. There's always a better girl. I have bad timing and distance is an issue. I think I give up on having relationships for now.

-I started a new job working in the ED of the hospital where I was born. I like it a lot, and I really like the doctors I work with. I'm learning a lot of medical terminology and I can't ever look at anyone without physically examining them in my mind.

So one thing that taking standardized tests has shown me is that I'm a decent writer. That's why I decided I'd try to write in this more. Of course, I'm taking a risk writing a blog where it's public and people can find it. I've done this before and friendships were ruined. I also have to worry about my job being at risk because if they think I'm some psycho they'll fire me. I find it weird that you can be fired simply from what you write in a blog. It's never happened to me personally, but that's gotta suck. So if you disagree with something I say, voice your opinion. I don't mind as long as it's constructive.

Last Friday I decided to cut my hair off. Now for some girls, that means to a little bit above your shoulders. This is not the case. I whacked my hair off and I'm the first girl in my family to have hair above my ears. I really like it, but I do get a lot of looks that aren't so nice. I realize that I took a risk by cutting my hair this short, but I didn't expect to be publicly ridiculed.

For example: I went to McAlister's to eat with a good friend of mine and while I'm eating, these teeny bopper "I wear holister" girls took a picture of me and were laughing and making fun of me. The strong person would ignore it and go on with their life. However, it really bothered me. I realized I have anger issues when I felt like I should go over there and hit them in their cute little blonde faces. However, I restrained and tried to shrug it off. So little girl with a picture of me, I hope you like it. Go ahead and put it on your facebook page and title it with some homo comment if you please. I'm not a homo, but yes I know my hair sends that kind of message. Stereotyping sucks.

Last Friday I also went to a party after I got my hair cut. Half the people didn't recognize me and I got a lot of compliments which was nice. I like getting to parties when most people are already tipsy. It makes conversations easier and a lot more interesting. I have never talked to that many people at a party before. I talked to almost every person there. I talked to one guy in particular who has never talked to me before. Always been a kind of awkward situation because he was friends with my old roomie and I'm not a social butterfly type. He'd come over and I'd just kind of avoid the situation. I always thought he didn't like me, but then again, he could just be like me and avoid people.
We talked about school and his research stuff and he asked me to help him electrocute fish. I really miss being out in the sun all day in a kayak or canoe with nothing to worry about. I'd also get to work with one of my favorite teachers most likely. It'd be sweet if I actually have time to help out with this. Research looks decent on an application, but the fun you have is what makes it worthwhile.

Anyways, things to come soon in my life include a trip to Six Flags hopefully this weekend, lots of working, possible research involving fish, and time at the gym. I'm having some difficulty going to the gym with my work schedule but I'll find a way to fit it in. This chubby bunny needs to get tight so maybe I'll be the first pick instead of the fallback girl.

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