Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Been A Week

Have you ever used Pandora Radio? It's pretty much the best thing, and I stay up late listening to it while I talk to people. I think my ears just want to be stimulated by music and they'd prefer not sleep. Good for my mind, but not so good when I need to stay awake in class.

Since last Wednesday, I have been sick, and still am slightly sick. If I could get this cough to go away, I'd feel much better. Oh and don't let anyone buy you Vitamin C drops when you're sick. They become addictive and you start using them like crack. It's like "Oh, my throat has a little tickle...where are those drops..." At 15 calories a pop, these should not be labeled as a healthy choice.

I worked all weekend, which was fun. Definitely saw a lot of cases of the flu in small children, so beware. Don't be all hysterical or anything, just be prepared to get sick.

Not much has happened this week. I did the normal routine, class, work out, sleep, repeat. I met my sister's friend this past weekend...I don't think he liked me since he hasn't talked to me since. It's okay though; I can't win all of them over.

This weekend I am going to Dallas with my two friends for the Pride events. However, it's supposed to rain all weekend, so I'm not sure how that will change our agenda. Maybe the weather will clear up and everything will go well :)

Test on Friday. No work this weekend. Lots of tests next week. Here's hoping everything goes well. I'll try and update more if something awesome happens.

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