Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mustachio Pudding

Twitter is an awesome messaging device that lets you keep up with what your friends are doing, pretty much at any time of the day. As we, meaning Melissa, Josh, and I were chilling in our hotel in Dallas, we were reading aloud some tweets. Josh misunderstood the word pistachio for "mustachio" and so now pistachio pudding will forever be known as mustachio pudding. Who likes pistachio pudding? That just sounds gross...

Took my test Friday morning and I felt okay about it. Who knows how well I did. Every time I think I did okay, I do horribly. I'm sure I'll find out on Monday, after I take my first Biogeography test. I've been trying to study for that test, but it hasn't gone very well. I got called into work on Friday and had to work 3-12. I don't function very well at night, and so there was no studying.

Today, Melissa and I traveled to Dallas to shop around and have some fun before the Pride events happen tomorrow. Probably not the best idea to spend my weekend in Dallas when I have five tests next week, but I didn't want to bail out on my friends. Too bad most of them bailed out on us anyhow.

We checked into our hotel at around noon and then we went to eat of Fuddruckers. We came back to our hotel, and I got onto my laptop to check my email. As I'm sitting on the bed, I see a bug crawling towards me. No big deal really; I'm not afraid of bugs. However, this bug looks a lot like a bed bug...which is disgusting. I quickly google bed bugs to double check my assumption, and I was right. We call the front desk and inform them that we would like a refund so that we can go to another hotel. Luckily they didn't give us any trouble and we got a nicer room at the Radisson down the street. Ten dollars more and no bed bugs is worth it :)

Once Josh arrived, we hung out for a bit and then went to eat at Freebirds. We also found a family reunion pack of Shiner which looked promising. Melissa bought it for Josh, since it had one of his favorite types they make. I'm tempted to buy me a 6-pack before we head back to Tyler tomorrow just so I can try all of them.

Currently, I am watching the Texas vs Tech game and Texas is winning. It's only the second quarter, but hopefully Texas will win. Florida state beat Tennessee earlier. Maybe I'll try and get to a game this semester. I never have time to actually go to the games, but it'd be nice to see one. All I need to do is find someone who enjoys football like I do, and is hopefully a guy. I'm tired of people assuming things when they see me out with girls.

After being sick for two weeks now, I think I have finally recovered. Last night at work, I had to sign a waiver saying that I refused to get the flu shot and why. It's kind of ridiculous to force the flu shot upon people. I've never gotten one, and I definitely wasn't going to get one while my immune system is on the rebound. All of the doctors suggested I get the shot, which I may, but not at this point in time.

Monday I think I will begin my training for the half marathon that's in March. I need to be disciplined and wake up early and just run my heart out. I also need to be a good little vegan and be sure to not eat so much junk. I think this goal calls for some experienced advise, but I really don't know anyone who runs these. I have one friend that does, but I don't know if he would have the best advice. He's one of those people who any day of the week, he could probably go out and run thirteen or more miles for fun. My fun runs consist of maybe a mile or two. I have a long way to go, but I am sure I can get there. Discipline is all it takes.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and hopefully the parade will be a lot of fun. Afterwards I need to study study study and not be distracted. Don't really have any goals for tomorrow, besides knowing all the material for my test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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