Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Pick Up

Friday was full of exciting cases at the hospital. Bizarre things happen when you least expect them, and Friday seemed to be a continuous flow of it. I really enjoy working there, and I'd probably volunteer if I didn't get paid to do my job. It's good experience and is a nice way to determine whether or not I'm going to want to do this for the rest of my life.

Yesterday I worked again, but it was more of a typical day. After work I went and ate at Fiore with a friend. I've never been there, but it wasn't too bad. I thought it was funny that the hostess was embarrassed about seating us. She made a big deal about not having a table for two people except by the bar. I could really care less where I sit in a restaurant as long as I'm not in the kitchen. Though, the kitchen might be fun, as long as they let me help. Fiore is an Italian restaurant and we ordered a pizza with artichokes and red peppers. I know, I know: It's lame to order a pizza when you go to an Italian place. However, it was highly suggested and it turned out to be decently good. I'd say this is a nice place to go if you're tired of eating at Olive Garden.

Now a change of topic and a little bit of seriousness. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about death. It's probably because I've seen a lot of people die lately, and my grandmother (who I never really knew) died and it has had an effect on my life. Here's the story: My mum has never really been close to her mother and she always joked that she'd be happy when her mother died. I know that she's not happy about it, but it's interesting to see how different things can be without the presence of someone. Now, my mother has been talking to her brother (who she also hasn't talked to in years) and has been helping him out with everything. It's kind of sad that the death of someone is what had to happen for them to talk again. Hopefully my mum doesn't mind me talking about this, but it's different.

Also, I have met a lot of military boys recently and they tell me about what they've seen or done while in service. The fact that one of my friends is about to go into the service has really bothered me. To know the date that he leaves makes you realize that these next couple of months could be the last time I talk to him. I know that's morbid to think of, but it could be reality. I know this is all could be's, and that's not a way to live; to always think of the worse possible scenario. I guess I just care for the safety of people. My basketball coach in high school told me that's why she thought I'd be great at a profession where I take care of people. I'd rather sacrifice my time to help someone in need. If I could enlist and be a medic, I totally would. Instead, I will try my hardest to get to the point that I can practice medicine and take care of the population.

So death is imminent, but at my age people never think that they're going to die. Death could happen at any time, and someone could be taken away in a matter of seconds. Life is precious, and I guess that's just what point in life I'm at. I think about what I'd like to say to people before I die, and maybe I should tell them now so that there won't be any question about how I felt. Living life to the fullest and being honest with everyone seems like the way to go. Insecurities and embarrassment are the two things that probably hold people back. I think this is something that I'm going to work on. I'd prefer there not be any questions when I'm not living anymore, so I hope to make my thoughts and feelings very obvious.

Sorry for that whole splurge there. Just something I needed to write about, and you don't have to read it because you're not forced to. That whole statement makes me want to go workout now. I need to work on my health so that I can make those things possible.

Anyways...I'm going to workout around noon when the gym opens, and then I'm going to watch some football, write a couple of papers, and study for my Anatomy test. I hope your weekend went well dear reader. I greatly appreciate you reading this.

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