Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Days of School

Classes started Wednesday and I'm already feeling the pressure. It's not that my classes are hard, but I have so many projects to do already and they're due in 2 weeks. Sure two weeks should be plenty of time, but when you have three projects and one which determines your entire grade in the class, it's stressful.

One of these projects is for Seminar, which is the one shot for your final grade. I decided to work with Lance and do my seminar over fish and the homogenization of populations in the US. I've read a couple of the papers so far and my brain can hardly comprehend them. I don't have any clue what the models or statistical tests that they used are. Hopefully I can read them over a few more times and understand them better. I have about a week to prepare for this presentation, so hopefully I can get it done quickly.

The first two days of class were kind of difficult. It's hard to not take any classes for three months and then jump back into them. It was also disappointing to go to class and have no one to sit with. My friends stated they didn't recognize me with my new hair, but seriously, I would think you'd actively look for me when you know I'm in your class. Oh well. I guess I'll just be the loser who sits by herself once again. It's not like this is new or anything. Like I said previously, I really don't have any good friends that are in my classes.

I guess I'm kind of bummed out already. I haven't really wanted to work out and I feel crummy. It's probably my eating habits (which have been absolutely horrible) and my inability to handle stress. Maybe I'll start doing yoga or something. I think I'll also dig into all of this reading/studying I need to be doing already. What I really need to do is stop letting people talk me into staying and hanging out when I need to be doing something productive.

Tonight I'm going to go visit someone I stopped talking to and haven't spoken to them for about two months now. It was a necessary step for me to get over them and their horrible habits. I understand that people deal with stress differently, but sleeping with large numbers of people never crossed my mind as one of them. The only reason I'm going is to get my calculator back. Part of me still cares for this person, but I know that it's an unhealthy relationship for me to continue.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new attitude. I only have class until eleven, and then I think I'll go workout. I think working out in the evening is far too late for me, which could be why I never feel up to it. Anyhow, here's to tomorrow being a good and accomplished day.

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  1. If I were in classes with you, I'd sit next to you. Just saying.