Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is it Thursday?

My days have begun to run together and I've been off a day. I thought yesterday was today and that tomorrow was Saturday. I think all the sun I got while outside for the past two days have gotten to me.

So electrofishing was a lot of fun. If I had to do that every day for the rest of my life, I don't think I'd mind. And yes, I know you're thinking "Isn't that illegal?" but it's not when you have a permit.
We went to two different sites and caught a decent amount of fish. We loaded up all of our gear into two kayaks and a canoe and rowed down the river to the site of interest. We wore waders so that we wouldn't electrocute ourselves, and accidentally falling into the water doesn't hurt as bad as I thought. It happened once or twice and it feels like a small tingling. I think being electrocuted from an electrical outlet hurts way more than when falling into the electrified water. I think I prefer the netting of the fish and not so much as being in charge of shocking them. Everything's a competition when you're in the field, so competing for fish is a lot more fun.

We also helped out one of the Biology professors with his mussel surveying. It's fun to be on your hands and knees with water up to your face searching blindly for mussels sticking out of the gravel and sand. However, my thinning hair failed me again and I got a nasty sunburn on my head. This is probably the worst sunburn ever and it hurts like all get out. Was it worth being outside for almost ten hours, getting biten by horse flies, ramming your legs into hidden logs in the water, getting to know people and laughing at ridiculously stupid things because the sun has melted your brain? Totally.

My final for my nutrition class is tomorrow, which means there is only about a week and a half before the semester starts. I really want the summer to keep going so I can stay outside and love the sun for a while longer. However, the fall must come and so does my last fall semester at UTT. This is my last chance to make friends and befriend professors and make good grades. Yes, I do have the spring semester left, but by that time I'll be too occuppied with figuring out what to do with my life in the future. I know my friend Melissa is freaking out about the same thing, so we're in the same boat. Maybe in some weird alignment of the stars, we will both figure out where we're going in time to enjoy the coming semester.

Yesterday my friend Lisa came back into town after being gone for about two months at her new grad school. It was so good seeing her. We're going to Six Flags on Saturday and then when we get back we're going to Outlaws to party. I haven't been to a bar in this area, so it shall be an experience. I just hope to get hit on and have people buy me drinks because I can't afford them :)

Next week, I work every single day. This is probably good for me trying to eat healthier, since at work there is no food. However, that means I'll be uber tired by the time next Sunday rolls around. But seven days of eight hours means overtime pay so it's all good. I'm thinking about starting to run long distance again. The term "run" should be used lightly, since my run is probably everyone else's jog. Once I get my puppy back, I'll start jogging with him in the evenings so we both get some good exercise. I thought about maybe running the Tyler Half, but that might be asking for trouble. Seeing as how I haven't ran more than three miles in the past six months, it's not likely that I can magically pull out 13.1 miles in two months. Miracles do happen, but this is one that is very doubtful. I'll at least attempt to try and maybe I'll run one of the shorter races they have during that weekend.

Goals for Tomorrow:
1) Sleep in
2) Eat healthy all day
3) Make at least a B on my final
4) Jog some distance at a reasonable speed
5) Workout with Melissa
6) Organize my house
7) Buy books for school
8) Go to bed decently early

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