Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yay Viruses!

Yesterday shall be marked in history as one of the worse sicknesses ever. I woke up to a sharp stabbing pain in my RUQ (right upper quadrant of my abdomen, see how I use ED terms in everything because it's fun). I figured that my sixth sense was just really intense and that it'd go away sooner or later.

Since I woke up around 10, I texted Melissa and suggested we go workout. By this time, nausea had started to wash over me, but it wasn't too bad. We went to the gym and got our workout on, with a very lax cardio session for me. By the time we got done, I still felt decently okay. Melissa invited me over to hang out and eat lunch, so I accepted and went home to take a shower.

Oh and here's an interjection to the best part of this horrible day: I finally got to talk to the boy in Austin :) It was short and sweet since I was going to workout, but definitely made my day. I know I'm stupid for getting so excited, but if only I could express how much he means to me, you'd understand.

Moving along, I get to her house, and I feel pretty lousy. I manage to eat a granola bar, but all I wanted to do was lie down. We watched the Axis of Evil comedy tour and I managed not to toss my cookies. About 45 minutes into the show, I decided to go home and take a nap so that maybe I'd feel better and could take my Nutrition final once I woke up.

My nap lasted for about an hour and I woke up feeling better. However, as soon as I got up to clean my room up a bit before I took my test, the sickness hit me worse than ever. I still managed to hold myself together, and I decided to take my test. About halfway into the test, I have to get up and vomit my guts out. If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate having to vomit and it's so embarrassing to have someone have to sit there and listen to me do so. I apologized a million times to Becca because it's disgusting to throw up. I could never be a Bulimic girl due to this. Anorexia all the way!

I managed to finish my test on time even with the interruption and managed to make a B on it. I do believe that was one of my goals, so that's at least one I achieved. Afterwards, I decided to go get my sister since we were supposed to go to Six Flags today. However, I still felt horrible when 9 pm rolled around, so I decided to call off the trip. Now we are going next Sunday and nothing's going to stop us. We have put off this trip four times now, and we are going even if I am dying or the sky is pouring down rain.

Anyhow, I managed to drive myself home from my mum's house with the help of some Phenergan gel. I called Melissa since we were supposed to find a retainer for her lip ring earlier in the day. She and Becca had been at a Bachelorette party, so they left and we went to two tattoo places trying to find one. In all my history of piercing/tattooing people, I have never met such an intelligent person as we did last night. Talk about knowing his stuff and being scientific about it. I think I may have blushed at the fact that I was pretty judgmental about all people working in these types of places, and he definitely proved me wrong. I just wonder what he wanted to do with his life before he decided to become a tattoo artist. He seemed to know so much science/medical stuff and I was very impressed. If I get anything done in the future, I'm going to him.

So now it's Saturday morning, and I feel better than I did yesterday. The constant stabbing pain has subsided and the nausea only comes back if I walk around. I have a horrible headache, but that might be from dehydration. I'll just keep chugging this gatorade and hope it helps. Since I'm not going to Six Flags, I really don't have any plans for today. We are still planning on going to Outlaws tonight since by 9 or 10 pm tonight I should be over this bout of sickness. Other than that, I may just lie in bed and watch ridiculous movies by myself. And I just picked up Catcher in the Rye again, so maybe I'll work on reading that.

Goals for Today:
1) Do not toss my cookies
2) Party at Outlaws
3) Feel better so work won't suck tomorrow
4) Clean my room a bit
5) Finalize my schedule for the Fall

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