Monday, August 24, 2009

Yay Ice Cream

So what do you do when you have a hankering for ice cream and birthday cake but there isn't a birthday going on? Go to Braum's and get their birthday cake ice cream and manage to stick it up your nose as you're devouring it, that's what. Though for some reason, certain bites tasted like ham or bacon...

Six Flags totally went down yesterday. My sister and I picked up her friend Aki, who's from Japan and has never gone to Six Flags, and managed to ride every single ride in the park in 3 hours. It was a lot of fun, especially since we didn't have to wait in line for longer than 10 minutes. I remember how scared I used to be to ride roller coasters and yesterday I never had a tinge of anxiety about any of the rides. Maybe I am growing up and maturing. That or I have brainwashed myself into thinking I'm invincible.

Today I woke up around eight to go electrofishing with the grad students. We caught some huge fish, including a very menacing looking gar. There's nothing like spending the last two days of your summer outside walking through the river catching fish. I really enjoy doing it and it almost makes me want to go to grad school. However, I'm still not convinced that I'd have the stamina to get a Masters degree and go to med school.

School starts on Wednesday and I just bought my books today. The grand total of my books was around $800. However, this does include four books for my Mum's classes. Science books are always so expensive and I had to buy one of them brand new. Here's the classes that I am taking this semester:
Biogeography, Analytical Chemistry and lab, A&P and lab, Literature, Seminar, and Psychology
This is the most hours I have ever taken at once. Hopefully I can keep up and make all A's and manage to work on the weekends. I figure if I can work 8 shifts a month, that'll give me enough money for rent, bills, and food. I've been poor before, so I know how to survive on little money. Let's just hope my roomies learn that we can't have the air on 60 degrees so our electricity bill isn't $500 again next month.

Tomorrow I'll be out on the river again all day. If we get back in time, I'll go buy my parking sticker so I won't be ticketed on the first day of class. I also have to make a trip to my Mum's house to get my puppy back. I think I may make it into an adventure and invite some friends to go to Daquiri Express with me on the way. Nothing like drive-thru alcoholic beverages with the lid taped on to make the last day of summer complete.

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